Annual Members' Meeting results published

The Students' Union Annual Members Meeting (formerly called the Annual General Meeting, but "Members" is more accurate) took place on Thursday 7 February at 2pm in the Great Hall of the Wills Memorial Building.

The AMM provides an opportunity for any student to submit a motion to improve the student experience or change something here at Bristol. Students who attend debate and vote on these motions and those that pass become official UBU policy. This policy informs the work of the elected officers who have the important role of representing and campaigning on behalf of all students. #

The following motions were discussed at the meeting:

  1. A reduction of fees and improvement of living conditions for the residents of Hiatt Baker Hall - PASSED
  2. Addition of a 3G Astroturf at Coombe Dingle - FAILED
  3. Pay as you go - PASSED
  4. Oppose and ban arms companies at UBU events - FAILED
  5. Fairer allocation of BUCS funding - PASSED
  6. “I didn’t hear about that, it wasn’t publicised at all” - PASSED
  7. Electronic submission for all work - PASSED (with amendment)
  8. Safer streets around the precinct - PASSED
  9. Sell discounted broadsheets - PASSED (without amendment)
  10. Support Inanimate Carbon Rod for NUS President 2013 - FAILED
  11. Meat-free Mondays - PASSED
  12. Open SEH gym at 6.30am on weekdays - PASSED
  13. Better variety of dietary options on campus - PASSED
  14. Establish a Disabled Students’ Forum - PASSED
  15. Incorporate Junior Common Rooms (JCRs) into the Students’ Union - FAILED

View a full list of submitted motions (those not discussed will be addressed at the next Student Council on Thursday 21 February.

The Annual Members' Meeting Twitter hashtag #IAMMHERE prompted a great deal of conversation during the meeting. Here are a few of the highlights:

Student Elections also take place next term and nominations opened at the AMM. Find out more information about the nomination process or get in touch at if you are interested in standing for a position or would just like to know more about the process.

The current officer team is also more than happy to answer any questions about their roles and day-to-day experience.




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