Critical Thinking




At a loss trying to analyse texts? Worried that you simply don’t understand what certain authors are getting at? Dreading questions about applying theories to texts?


Critical Thinking is an invaluable skill if you’re studying an Arts or Social Science degree: your ability to understand, interpret and comment on the work of others is a major part of your studies.


In the Critical Thinking course you’ll learn how to critically examine information, identify and analyse different viewpoints, and examine your own argument and perspective.




It helps to have attended either 'Essay Writing' or 'Report Writing' but they're not essential.


Aims and Objectives


By the end of this session, students will be able to:

  • identify opinion and bias in their own work and in that of others
  • identify, explain and analyse different perspectives on a topic
  • analyse and criticise an argument
  • justify their own critical position
  • understand critical & analytical thinking as a transferable skill

To book


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