Support Groups & Services

As well as our professional advisers, we also offer a range of support with a huge variety of issues.


Nightline is a telephone-based listening and information service run by students, for students. We are happy to listen to anything you want to talk about.
We are open every term-time night from 8pm to 8am. Everything you say is confidential and anonymous. We are non-judgemental, non-directive, non-alligned and non-advisory.
Call us on 01179 266 266.
Nightline. We'll listen, not lecture
Please note that all calls are usually listened to by two volunteers.


University is usually a great experience but sometimes you find yourself in disputes or conflict with fellow students, University staff, or even non-university residents. Mediation is a way of helping people in dispute communicate with each other. The mediator is an impartial third party who works with the people involved so that their concerns can be addressed.  The goal is to find a solution that is acceptable to everyone involved.

We welcome referrals from students, staff in schools, faculties and the Professional Services or any individual involved in a dispute. To find out whether our mediation service is suitable for you, or to find out more, please get in touch via email.

Please note that because Mediation is an independent and informal process, it can’t be used in place of, or as part of, formal University processes such as appeals, complaints or disciplinaries.­­­

Student-Led Support Groups

These are groups run by students, for students, and provide a safe space for students to chat about their worries or problems with other students in similar situations.

Eating Disorders Student Support

The support group is a safe and confidential space to talk openly about recovery and the challenges you are facing as a sufferer or friend/carer of a sufferer.

The group are trained by a national charity, Student Minds. All facilitators are CRB checked and provide non-judgmental support to anyone who comes along.

For any questions or additional information, please email or visit the Student Minds website.

If you are supporting someone with an eating disorder, Student Minds have a really useful guide to supporting friends here.

LGBT+ Support Group

The LGBT+ Support Group is a safe and confidential space for students to chat through questions or worries about sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Each session is facilitated by students who identify as LGBT, and they provide non-judgmental support to help all students be happy and proud of who they are!

The group has strong links to UBU’s LGBT+ Society, but it is open to ALL students – you don’t have to be part of the society to come along.

For more information, please email

Medic Chat

This group provides drop-in support for Medicine students. Sessions are run by students, for students. Medicine students can drop in and talk to a fellow medic about commonly experienced concerns. If you're wondering whether medicine is for you, have any questions about workload, or want to talk about anything else that's bothering you, come along and talk to the friendly student volunteers.

Student Networks

Sometimes you want to get in touch with other students who are in a similar situation to you. But we know that it can be difficult to find them! Why not join one of our informal networks?

UBU Student Parents' Network

Are you a student with children?

Combining studying with raising a family can be a challenging experience, but you're not alone!

The Student Parents Group meets every Thursday at the Multifaith Chaplaincy on Woodland Road from 9.30am until 11.00am. You can meet other students with children, and are free to bring your children with you if you would like.

You can also join our Facebook group for student parents so even if you can't make the coffee mornings, you can still 'meet' other students with children.

UBU Disabled Students' Network

The Disabled Students’ Network is a place for students to exchange ideas and discuss things that could be changed to improve their experience at the University of Bristol. Examples might be: how schools support you and your disability, the opening times of Disability Services or raising broader awareness about hidden disabilities. Join our Facebook group!

UBU Postgraduate Network

The UBU Postgraduate Network is a student-led initiative at the University of Bristol for all postgraduate students, both research and taught, to encourage an active postgraduate student community and engage students in actively making their academic experience better.
The network hopes to gather postgraduate activity (existing and new) at the University of Bristol under one banner to create a cohesive and supportive student community, that inspires people to get involved socially and on a democratic and representative level. The network seeks to provide a platform for postgraduate students to effectively feed into UBU’s decision-making and event planning.
Join our Facebook group!

Liberation Forums

The Students' Union also organise regular forums where students gather to discuss particular issues and share experiences as members of a particular student group. Find out more on our dedicated Liberation Forums page.