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Candidate for the position of Vice President Welfare & Equality


Bristol Needs Berti - Vote Alessandra for Welfare!


Hi! I’m Alessandra and I’m running to be your VP Welfare and Equality. I’m an international student from Switzerland currently studying Philosophy & Politics.

University is a great experience yet it can be overwhelming with all it’s got to offer. I believe that the biggest impediment to achieving better welfare is the lack of access to the relevant information regarding where you can get support. As for equality, I believe that it is crucial that the student body, in its diversity, is recognised and represented.


‘Look After Your Mate’ Campaign on Depression & Anxiety

There is insufficent awareness of depression and how to deal with it yet students are at a heightened risk of suffering from depression and anxiety. I want to tackle the stigma of talking about depression and anxiety along with empowering friends of depression sufferers to create a supportive environment.

I will:

  • Run a campus-wide campaign on depression and anxiety
  • Provide information on how to support friends who suffer from depression
  • Increase sign-posting of available services
  • Set-up a student-led self-help group


A More Inclusive Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ Week can often exclude post-graduate and mature students, as well as students who don’t like to drink for various reasons (cultural, religious, ‘just-not-into-it’). I want to ensure that everyone has the chance to meet new people and integrate into university life within a context they feel comfortable in.

I will:

  • Work together with JCRs and Orbital to ensure that a diverse range of social events are put on during Freshers’ Week (e.g. Open Mic night, Pub Quiz, film screenings with discussions, game nights)
  • Organise meet & greets for post-graduate and mature students


Improving SU Officers Communication

A difficulty in identifying issues pertinent to students currently exists. I want to encourage constructive criticism; increased dialogue enables officers to identify and so, tackle issues that might otherwise go unnoticed, in addition to plugging student’s information gaps, especially concerning availability of services.

I will:

  • Set up an online forum on the Union website encouraging students to ask questions as well as voice criticisms concerning issues they would like to see addressed
  • Have a visible ‘Just Ask’ Button on the Union website for each of the student officers, facilitating getting in touch with them
  • Create a Facebook Page for the Position VP Welfare and Equality
  • Encourage liberation officers to set up independent forums for their liberation groups

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