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Candidate for the position of Vice President Sport & Health


Vote Hannah for AFFORDABILITY, FLEXIBILITY and CLARITY in Bristol Sport


The Hannifesto:


My name is Hannah Pollak and I am running for the position of VP Sport and Health. I have been involved in various sports teams during my time at Bristol. These include; cross-country, athletics, boxing, squash and rugby. I have held the elected position of Sports Rep in Manor Hall JCR where I introduced many sporting initiatives and I have also been responsible for the buzzing social scene of the cross-country club when I was social secretary. Wild times were had by many.


Being sporty at school, when I first came to Bristol I expected sport to be an integral part of university life, but was disappointed by the overpriced sports pass which lacked flexibility and had expensive add-ons such as gym classes. I moaned to both my friends who were in high performance squad and to my friends who have never been near a gym in their lives. They all shared similar frustrations to my own and told me to do something about it. So I did.



If elected I will concentrate on achieving affordability, flexibility and clarity within Bristol sport.





  • The gym, swimming pool and sports hall facilities should be offered  as separate and cheaper sports pass options.
  • There is now a year sports pass option however I would split this up into term-by-term instalments to avoid forcing students to pay one expensive lump sum.
  • Free gym classes should be included in the sports pass rather than an expensive £3.50 add-on for each session.




  • I believe more outdoor alternatives should be offered to students as well as the indoor facilities. Following my motion at the recent AGM, I would build an outdoor gym, with cross-trainers, weights and bike-machines constructed for outdoor use. Considering the dramatic rise in student numbers next year, this will offer a solution to the already overcrowded gym facilities.
  • Sauna and steam room for the pool. With the current refurbishment, it is feasible to demand some more exciting facilities.




  • Centralised branding system for university teams which would attract higher sponsorship, providing crucial financial support for established and developing clubs.
  • Health and nutrition classes run on a weekly basis, to give practical information in an informal environment on how best to exercise.


Sport at Bristol should be a right for the many, not a privilege for the few.


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