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Candidate for the position of Vice President Education


Making your concerns the Students' Union's concerns

Put a stop to additional course costs

There are still students paying for books they only use twice, still students paying for compulsory field trips, and more besides, Departments have a responsibility to ensure that if something is compulsory, or even advisable, then no student has to pay extra.


With course costs at £9,000 from next year, there is no excuse for departments to ask for more.


Demand students’ voices are heard in their departments

Our student representatives do a fantastic job, but they do this despite the systems in place, not because of them. Students in some departments don’t know who their representative is, or have representatives who were simply the first person to respond to an email. I will ensure that the University empowers student representatives by promoting and explaining their role, encouraging applications, and holding public votes to fill positions.


Every student deserves a strong voice in their department helping them get the education they deserve.


Fight to solve students’ everyday problems

The Students’ Union often campaigns on ‘big picture’ issues, but I want to be most involved with departmental issues. I will meet with student representatives from each department at least twice a term, and make sure there are clear lines of communication in place.


I want students to know that if their departmental representatives are brushed off or ignored, then I am ready, willing, and able to step in.


Stop arts students being sold short in a hasty expansion

Many subjects in the Arts and Social Sciences are set to double their intake over the next couple of years. With arts students having a minimal number of contact hours as it is, I will make sure that we don’t have expanded class sizes reducing the quality of that time, and that facilities are improved to cope.


Arts students need expansion to be about improving on what the University offers, not about getting more students on cheaper courses so that money can be directed elsewhere.


Replace Tutors who don’t provide essential support

Student tutoring is currently patchy across the University. Most tutors do a fantastic job, but many simply don’t have the time to give students the support that they deserve.


Elect me, and I’ll work to make sure that standards of tutoring are raised across the university, and try to remove the rules that mean that senior, busy staff are the ones given this responsibility.


In Partnership

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