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Candidate for the position of Vice President Community


Vote Alice Peck VP Community:For A Less Wasteful University


If elected I will:

1)  Improve the U6 Bus service

I will work to make it cheaper and more frequent during the day, evenings, late night and at weekends, saving students money on taxis. I will work to expand its route to include Clifton and the Students Union, ensuring those involved in societies have a safe, cheap option to return to halls.


2) Ensure quality, affordable University accommodation for increasing student numbers.

I will lobby the University to meet the needs of increasing student numbers, by providing affordable accommodation that allows a ‘halls experience’, including communal spaces and a JCR.


3) Improve bicycle lanes around Bristol

Bristol is a busy and car-filled city. It is difficult and dangerous cycling down Bristol’s steep roads when competing with cars and lorries. I will work to make cycling easier, safer and more accessible.


4) Improve facilities at Stoke Bishop

I will campaign for a well-stocked shop, a cash machine and a chance for students in catered halls to get leftovers from dinner: saving money and reducing food waste.


5) Introduce a Car-Share scheme amongst students

Many students at Bristol have cars and drive back and forth to London and elsewhere throughout term. Sharing lifts helps with petrol costs, saves money on trains and reduces pollution.


6) Provide help for housing

I will ensure students have access to necessary resources to get a fair deal with difficult landlords. I will help students to pressure landlords to invest in money and energy saving improvements, such as insulation and double glazing.


7) Encourage sustainable food sourcing

Living in a sustainable way is vital for the future of the planet. I will lobby the University to ensure its food sourcing is as local, organic and sustainable as possible. I will work to increase the capacity of the student-run food co-op shop, selling cheap, organic and environmentally sustainable food on campus.


8) Improve drinking-water fountains

I will save students’ time, money and impact on the environment by getting more drinking-water fountains across university, reducing plastic and queuing in the ASS Library!


9) Campaign for a University ethical investment and procurement policy

The University has a responsibility to ensure that its procurement and investment takes into account environmental, social and ethical objectives. I will campaign for greater transparency and better financial accountability of the University.

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