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Candidate for the position of Undergraduate Senate Rep - Medical & Veterinary Sciences


Our Voice: to resonate, not hibernate!

We all love student life! But without the right support from our faculty, university can seem a lot less enjoyable. As a 2nd year Physiology student, who also gets involved in activities in and outside of university, I want to be Medical and Veterinary Sciences Faculty Representative because I understand the issues and concerns that ordinary students face every day. I am passionate about voicing those concerns that are not only important to me, but from talking with many of you, I know are important to you too, including:

  • Ensuring the educational needs of all Med and Vet Science students are not compromised and are well represented during drastic faculty changes occurring next year
  • Improving liaison between the schools within the faculty so deadlines and course structure are communicated for the convenience of students doing open units;
  • Greater support and better preparation for the ‘leap’ between study years;
  • Extending SOMS library opening times

Having already spoken to the faculty about these issues, I can assure you I will be proactive as Faculty Representative and I will ensure that THE VOICE of all Medical and Veterinary Science students WILL RESONATEnot hibernate.

Vote #1 for Simone Robinson!

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