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Candidate for the position of Postgraduate Senate Rep


For a Re-imagined University

I am standing for election as Postgraduate Senate Rep because I feel that the decisions made by the management structures of this University need to be held under sustained scrutiny; I feel that this has not been done effectively in past years. I pledge to use my role as Senate Rep to demand change in how this University approaches education, research and the relationship between the two.

We need a reimagined university:

  • A university that treats those in the beginning stages of their research and teaching careers with as much respect as the responsibility that is demanded of them;
  • A university that takes the theories it produces literally and opens up space for debate to postgraduate students, researchers and teachers rather than privileging narrow, elite decision-making;
  • Finally, a university that respects all its employees’ and students’ need for fair and safe working conditions.

This requires sustained engagement by the student body as well as staff. A loud postgraduate voice within the decision-making structures at UoB has to also be a part of this, and I am confident I can be that voice.

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